Burlap My Window

With this bamboo blind as my inspiration, I decided to Burlap My Window.
First, I cut a strip of MDF and a length of PVC to fit perfectly inside the width of the window.I measured around the PVC pipe and added an extra inch or two. Then I measured the height of the inside of the window, added the two measurements together to get the overall length I needed to cut the burlap.
For the width, I chose to keep the original width of the burlap and just make extra large hems on each side---partly because I wanted the extra weight, partly because I wanted to keep the finished edges in tack, and partly because I'm not much of a seamstress.
Instead of using my sewing machine, I chose to make the hems using strips of iron-on fusible webbing.Then, I hot glued one end of the burlap to the MDF strip. Stapling would have worked too, but I already had my glue gun ready for the next step.I measured and pinned black webbing in place, covering the hem edges. Ribbon could be used instead of webbing. I just had a bunch of webbing on hand and liked it's more masculine look. Once the webbing was pinned, I ran a strip of tape along side as my guide for gluing. I took out the pins and glued down the webbing, working from the center to each edge.Next, I sprayed a little adhesive on the PVC pipe and rolled it onto the burlap end opposite of the MDF until it was to the length needed to fit inside the window. I hot glued it in place and then added two small lengths of webbing round the roll to match the existing webbing.Now all that was left was to adhere the MDF strip to the header inside the window. (Actually it hasn't been nailed in place yet because I still need to paint the window sill---which is why it doesn't look quite as tailored as it should). And that's how I burlapped my window!
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