A Delightful Statement

On my last trip to visit my daughter I helped her move in and
decorate their new apartment.
She is so happy with it, but as we sat at the kitchen table we decided that there was something lacking. The sofa in the living room is such a beautiful statement piece that when you walk into the kitchen it's almost disappointing. The light fixture was so old, ugly, and boring. I took on the challenge of finding a cure for her kitchen blahs. I found a chandelier at the thrift store for about five dollars and I snatched it up. My daughter was thrilled and gave me carte blanche on it's makeover.
Her kitchen is a pale green and there is green in the sofa, so it only made sense (to me) to paint the chandelier a gorgeous leafy green. I was so excited that I started painting before I took a "before" picture.
If you look very closely you'll see that it was originally the shiniest, yellow-ist brass that a fixture can be.And yes, I hung it in a tree and spray painted it in the dark.
Once dry all that was left was to install it---which proved a bit tricky. I've never actually installed a light fixture. I've always assisted in the process but this was my first time to actually do it, all by myself.
And I must say that, although it took me a while, I'm so proud to admit that I am now an accomplished chandelier installer!
The chandelier looks fabulous and really compliments the rest of the apartment.
After I installed it I noticed a broken candle holder close by that had square crystals and knowing of my daughter's love for all things sparkly, I took the holder apart, strung the crystals together and hung them on the chandelier. I think that it's just the perfect finishing touch!


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