Breaking In

Okay, I really intended to post this a bit earlier, but we had a little emergency trip to the doctor for xrays. My youngest has "a bit" of a broken arm. Luckily it's not too serious (he didn't even want to go to the doctor) and will only need 3 weeks to heal.
Now onto another kind of break.
When deciding to go with a bold color in a room, like I did with the aqua headboard, sometimes you need to do it in steps---break yourself into the idea. Bring in a few pops of the color with pillows and other accessories. Try painting something small first. I painted this frame and then lived with it in the room to make sure that I loved the color enough. Once I'd done those baby steps it wasn't hard to take the giant leap. And now I'm so glad I did. The bold color was just was what this guest room needed!

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