HGTV dream house guest bathroom

HGTV dream house guest bathroom making tips

When deciding the new look for guest bathroom, comfort must be the foremost consideration. For picking the best style of your guest bathroom you can go through some magazines, visit the décor house shop or bath and kitchen showrooms. The basic trick is to mix and match the bathroom style, which appeals you. Make it extremely spacious and big. Keep it simple to clean for materials, countertop, shower and flooring.

Hgtv Dream House: Master Bathroom

For making the best bathroom floor, consider the room’s overall size and work over the required. Add a little counter space, good lighting and mirror in addition to a blend of ambient, decorative and accent task and certainly your guests will be satisfied with the bathroom accommodations.

Hgtv Dream House: Beautiful Bathroom

In addition, while making guest bathroom, make sure to pick the material that is accessible and convenient. The solid surface countertops with under mount sink are simple to clean and durable. For a lower budget bathroom, the option of laminate countertops having vitreous china sink is worth considering.

Hgtv Dream House: Bathroom

Do not forget to include ample of storage space, so that the guest can keep their belongings and toiletries in bathroom rather than their bags. Make sure the guest bathroom is also stocked with certain basics, including toilet paper, shampoo and towels. A tiny linen closet having extra necessities such as tissues in addition to hooks for hanging towels and clothes can certainly give the guests the feeling of home.

Hgtv Dream House: Guest Bathroom

Also, accessorize the bathroom space with soft, thick towels plus hang a cozy bathrobe over the hook. Place French milled soap, fragrant candle or a carafe of water for beautifying your bathroom area


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