I love it when I receive emails from you, especially when you write to say that you've been inspired by projects you've seen on my blog. I must tell you that I am always very humbled to be a part of your lives and to help inspire the creativity within you.
I am so grateful to each of you!
I truly wish that there were enough hours in the day to visit with each and every person that drops by my blog.
I really appreciate your comments and emails.
You truly do inspire me to be more creative!
Now I'd love to share a few photos from friends.
Karyn from Sunny days bought this darling
sewing machine cabinet off of Craigs list.
She gave it a good cleaning and sanding and
a coat of Heirloom White spray paint
(you know how I love spray paint!)
and it now looks like this.
Isn't it beautiful!
Gayle from The Middle Sister was inspired by
my flower table decorations.
She needed to decorate a table for a church dinner.
theme for the evening was about provident living
and finding joy in thriftiness.
She was told not to spend any money.
So she made the flowers out of
slick newspaper advertisements,
added some jars of home canned vegies & fruits,
and then drew placemats
on the plastic table cloth that was provided.
Isn't she so clever!
Ashlee had a lot of fun thrifting for items
to decorate her master bedroom.
She found this wonderful mirror.
Originally it was ugly brownish gold,
but with a little spray paint
it looks fresh and fun.
She also scored the lovely silver tray,
pretty milkglass vases and candle holder.
She's thrilled with her thrift store decor
and so am I!

Thanks ladies for sharing
your inspired inspirations!


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