Places For Vases

I am a collector. . . .either that or I am obsessive compulsive. I prefer to think that I am a collector. One of the many things that I enjoy collecting are vases and planters. I do try to keep it to a few certain types of vases----cream, moss green, and milk glass.
Since I've re-focused my efforts on decorating the guest room, I decided that it would be a great place to display a few of my vase collections. I had a few aqua pieces that look great on the mantle of the faux fireplace.
And I thought that the long, long shelf would be a perfect spot for a few pieces of milk glass. I began by gathering milk glass vases from various areas of the house. When it was all gathered, I was really surprised at how many pieces I had. I then laid everything out to see if there were "families" of vases. Again to my surprise, I had several. Next I grouped the vase families together beginning with the largest ones in the center of the shelves. And then I worked my way out to fill in the rest. I think the contrast of the white vases against the grey walls looks beautiful!
But now I see a big blank wall.
There's only one thing to do. Look for the perfect empty frame in my supply and give it a coat of silver spray paint because this room needs a little more sparkle to match the chandelier. The cute fleur de lis hanger is just the right touch. Yes! Now I think this room is complete. . . at least for now.


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