Hgtv Dream House in Sonoma

HGTV 2009 in Sonoma

This year the most popular reality show HGTV chooses the perfect location at Sonoma which is the heart of California. Sonoma is famous for its spas, outdoor activities and wines. Mountain biking and climbing are quite popular there and the city is surrounded by historic buildings and beautiful countryside.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream House

For the first time the 2009 Dream Home is a huge two-story house but in a farmhouse style that makes it unique and special. The 3,600 square feet land makes a relaxed living space.

Hgtv Dream House: Sonoma Dream House

If you see the first floor you will get amazed as contains a beautiful designed family room, a stylish dining room and a study. The second floor includes two bedroom mini-suites and laundry area. It makes the living more modish with its luxury spa and master bedroom. It provides the perfect parking facility with its two-car garage.

Hgtv Dream House: Big Room

The well-designed and spacious kitchen consists of islands so that one can prepare for nay special event like parties. It also includes two refrigerators to make the easier food storage. You will get surprised to know that refrigerators also come with special and famous wines in it. The other lucky winner was awarded with the GMC Arcadia and a Doggie Dream home too.

Hgtv Dream House: Dream House in Sonoma

You might be wondering how one can participate in this show. Well it is quite easy what all you have to do it register yourself for the show through the HGTV website or you can send your details by sending a postcard. HGTV allows entry everyday provided you have to vote for your designers, layout and colors.


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