House Design with Contemporary and Natural Finishes Balance

American Furniture and House Design. This house, located on a narrow finger of land perched above the deep valley. Broad outlook and exposure of the ridge site, quiet, contemplative redwood forest shadows, refinement of a modern city dwelling, and tranquility of a desert things that describe this work. A quick look through the curved wall of the hall, in the pool and the hills beyond the start of the driveway to the house. The front door of the fluted glass began to show 5 bedrooms, 4.5 baths.

6070 square meter house for all guests. Eastern part, which includes all common areas like kitchen, living room and dining room. Private area is located in the west bedroom house with canyon-oriented, and family room overlooking the swimming pool and outdoor living areas. The kitchen forms the center of life in the house and opened fully to the living and dining room. Done contemporary and design elements are carefully balanced with natural maple cabinets and floors. [James Bourret Architecture]


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