Interior Design With Fitted Wardrobes

Interior Design Today there is one predominant rule in interior design: make sure your design is simple yet elegant, uncluttered yet stylish. And with a fitted wardrobe you can accomplish just this, without the need of adding onto your existing home. By correctly planning and designing, you can and will create a room capable of filling many functions without clutter.

With today's rushed existence and its space limitations, functionality, style and beauty have learnt to walk side by side. Prefabricated or custom-made fitted wardrobes today not only serve as a place for storing ones' clothes and belongings, they have become a means of providing functional and convenient spaces. With appliances and entertainment easily accessible and available whenever needed by either owner or host. Taking the time to plan ones' living space, will result in one being able to converted it from a lounge to an entertainment, or even work area with minimal effort.

A well-designed and planned wall fitted wardrobe can house anything from a 47" flat screen television complete with home theatre system, to your computer and office space. Allowing you to within minutes alter a room to your requirements, leaving everything appearing uncluttered, stylish and organized. And that is exactly what we want. With the advances in the finishing of wood products and wood by-products, you are now capable of incorporating fitted wardrobes into your house no matter what your tastes, preferences or style are. Simple interior design tips to provide space and functionality in the home:

  • Floor to ceiling wardrobes fitted with doors featuring diagonal lines will help to create the illusion of a greater floor to ceiling distance.
  • The incorporation of mirrors and lights will help a room look bigger and brighter.
  • Designing spaces in wall wardrobes to help with the housing of computers and other technology allows for an uncluttered feel without compromising on the convenience of technology at hand.
  • Combine light to medium coloured walls with medium and dark wood finishes.
  • Use medium to rich coloured walls with lighter wood finishes.
  • Avoid using rich coloured walls with dark finishes as they tend become overwhelming, or allow for the room to appear smaller than it really is.
  • Small rooms will appear larger when the ceiling is painted the same colour as the roof.
  • Narrow rooms could be made to look wider by breaking up vertical lines, using chunkier finishing and horizontal lines on the doors of fitted wardrobes to accomplish this.

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