Trying a Trend

What do you do with a pretty little button? You use it as the center for a trendy
fabulous fabric flower

Make a flower pattern by folding a piece of paper in half, in half again, and then fold one edge to meet the opposite, forming a point. Using scissors, round off the open end about 2 & 1/2 inches from the point. Make a second pattern by repeating the process of folding and cutting, this time cut about 2 inches from the point. You now have two flower pattern sizes.Choose one or two of your favorite fabrics, like brown burlap and a piece of upholstery fabric. Cut two of each size flower patterns (one fabric per pattern if you're using two fabrics).Layer the two small pieces on top of the two large, alternating the fabrics.
Stitch and hot glue
the four layers together. Be sure to scrunch each layer a bit so they don't just lay flat (this is where the hot glue comes in handy).

Add a pin to the back. If you don't have an "official brooch pin" simply cut a scrap of coordinating fabric and glue it on top of a safety pin.Then pin it onto your blouse and get ready to
hear the comments like:
"That's pretty. Did you make it?"
"I like your brooch."or my favorite
"What is that?!?!"


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