8 Minimalist Home Interior Design Suggestions | Tips and Tricks

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  1. Note the space uncluttered form of accessories (clean, firm, without a profile, minimal geometric shape). Recall that the minimalist design, the principle is right, perfect, not excessive.
  2. Curtains / blinds use a roller type, basic blinds (vertical or horizontal).
  3. If you want to install carpet using carpet with solid colors with no motive.
  4. Always seek the Surface of the table surface or cabinet in a state credensa clean and empty. Place books and other items in the Chest. The ideal accessories from a glass, the Vase is artistic, simple dishes containing fruit and / or place of candles.
  5. Use a simple color (plain) for a sofa cushion.
  6. Cover, bed, bed sheets and pillowcases feature a simple to use. Limit on two-color combinations of color without a motive.
  7. Hang a painting with a simple composition and frame, without a profile or carving. Do not have too many paintings, select a major from your collection. Picture Below is an example of minimalist interiors of bedrooms.


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