You're So Vane

I found these vanity benches at different times years ago at thrift stores. I bought the second thinking that it was an exact match to the first. It wasn't. The legs are different but fortunately the size is the same. They sat in my storage room until I found this darling fabric. It's too light weight for upholstery fabric so I knew that if I were going to use it on a piece of furniture it would have to something that wouldn't be used every day. That's when I remembered the benches. I knew that with a little makeover they would finally find a home.With a little Mediterranean Blue spray paint to unite them, and cushy new tops for comfort, those worn out benches now look fresh and new.
They now reside at the foot of the bed in the guest room.
They finally look right at home!(And I might have just enough fabric left to cover that small pillow!)


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