My Birthday Boy

My little man has turned 8 yrs old this week.
I can't believe how quickly he has grown up, especially in the past 12 months. He has matured greatly & is really growing into a nice boy.

We decided to let him have a slumber party this year & he invited the 6 boys that live in our street.he plays with these kids every day, rain hail or shine. we really are lucky to live in such a family filled street. between the boys & girls there is generally at least a dozen kids out in the street on bikes & scooters or just hanging out having a good time!
We call  the boys the scooter gang, 4 of them are 8yr olds & the other 3 kids are 11 yrs old. I was a little apprehensive about the older 3 coming, but they all got on like a house on fire & really had the most fun!

there was a lot of scooter action, they are certainly a daring bunch.

I purchased a NERF gun for each kid, instead of giving the traditional lolly bag.
They had some pretty awesome gun fights & once it got dark they launched a full scale night battle using nothing but lasers to guide them, total boy heaven apparently, or as they put it
"sick as!"

We took full advantage of Halloween & had a spooky theme for our party food.

Skeletons on the cake where a big hit!

We served lollies & chips in witches cauldrons...

Chocolate spiders in skull cup cake papers
unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of my best creation....eyeball jelly!
I made jelly in plastic cups & pushed plastic eye balls into them when it was set.
 Yes they where also described as "sick as!"

They went full speed until midnight & got back up at 6am, I awoke to a barrage of foam darts pounding my bedroom door!
They devoured an enormous amount of pancakes for breaky & then back to the gun battle & death defying scooter acts.
Believe it or not, the only injury was by the birthday boy himself...he was walking out of his bedroom & kicked his toe on the tall boy, split it open & it appears to be broken.
I couldn't believe it!!

All in all they had a wonderful time & I am exhausted, so I guess that's a sign of a great party.

Happy Birthday Big T


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