Getting and Giving a Bouquet

I was contacted by asking if I'd be interested in reviewing their flower delivery service. I'm not one to turn down a bouquet of beautiful flowers so I said Yes!I went on their site and picked a gorgeous bouquet. They have bunches of sunflowers in all different pretty arrangements. I picked my favorite and placed my order.
I was excited to see a fresh flower delivery
on my doorstep!I followed the instructions for opening the box and found a lovely bouquet inside.I must admit that although the flowers were beautiful, they were smaller than what I had anticipated from how they appear in the photos. They came packed in moist florist foam ready to be placed in their vase. You pick the color of vase included with the flowers. Mine turned out to be an odd color of green. Of course we all know that a little spray paint can fix things---unless the original paint wasn't applied correctly (oops!). The plain galvanized vase would have been a better choice.
Oh well, my bouquet looked even more elegant in a vase from my collection.
The flowers have an eight day guarantee. Mine didn't quite last the full eight days, but they did last longer than others I buy.
I enjoyed my pretty bouquet from and now
here's your chance
to try out their fresh flower delivery.
Go to their site and have a look around.
While you're there register to win a year of fresh flowers
(who wouldn't love that!).
Then come back here and leave a comment.
On Friday I'll announce the winner.
Good Luck!


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