Contrasting Kitchen Island

Ive been doing a lot of kitchen stalking of late & I really find myself being drawn to the kitchens with a contrasting coloured island.
Ive always been a real matchy matchy kind of girl & since blogging & studying interior design I have learnt that matching everything to perfection is NOT the way to go, unless you want your house to look more like a catalogue, than an inviting home.
I'm wondering if I can take myself further out of my comfort zone & change my kitchen plan in the dream house, to include a contrasting colour for the kitchen island....mmmmm.... take a look at these gorgeous kitchens.
Noe Valley Two contemporary kitchen

KitchenLab traditional kitchen

Image via BHG

Zen Kitchen eclectic kitchen

Kitchen by Candace Olsen
source unknown

via cococozy

Source unknown

source unknown

They really do lift the room, in a very stylish way.
What do you think, is this a trend to stay & would you, or, have you painted or installed an island bench in a contrasting colour???

Trish xxx


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