Sweet Wreath Baby

Last weekend I was invited to a baby shower.
I brought a wreath for the baby---fun yet practical.
This is what I used:

Wreath Form
Bibs and Baby Toy (optional and changeable)
Clear Elastic Bands OR a Helpful Extra Finger
First open each diaper and wrap
around the wreath form.
Then tie a ribbon around each.
If you don't have an extra helpful finger,
you could secure the diaper first with an elastic.
I choose to use the finger belonging to my
fourteen year old son. After all, it made the
creating process much more fun to listen to
a teenage boy complain about having to
touch girly ribbon and baby diapers.
Be sure to skoosh the diapers together and
add on enough to completely cover the wreath form.
Next tie on toys, bibs or whatever you choose.Finish with a pretty bow.Then be prepared to hear the
ooohs and aaahs
from the new mommy and shower guests.


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