Kitchen stools, OH the choices!

Whilst dreaming of my kitchen in my dream house, I like to think about the sort of stools that I would have at the island bench.

I am yet to decide whether to keep the island white like the rest of the kitchen, or go for a contrasting colour, you may remember that post, if not, pop over HERE

This kitchen is definitely one of my all time favourites, you're probably sick of me posting this image.
I love these stools & always thought they where rattan, but looking at them closely I think they are actually fabric.
 They look fantastic either way!

These stools look like they are perhaps upholstered in leather, they certainly add some serious style factor to an extremely beautiful kitchen.
I guess a big factor in choosing your stools is
"How you want the room to feel?"
I love these more formal styles, but being a house with 4 kids, perhaps I would be best to opt for something VERY hard wearing.
 I think  a more casual feel to this area of the home would suit our lifestyle & family better.

Image via Decor Pad

 Before we move on. I had to show this glamorous trio, don't you just love the nail head trim.
I envision a very stylish women lives in this house.  Wouldn't you just love a peak at her walk in robe, I'm sure it's to die for!

Image via Decor Pad.

Now these industrial style stools would certainly withstand anything my son & his rowdy mates could throw at them, its more the contents of my pantry cupboard I would have to have concerns for, LOL!

Another more industrial style, "navy" counter stools, I have seen them in a chair as well.
They would definitely tick the box of  "hard wearing" & they have a high back, making them safer for little ones, easy clean, my only question to any of my lovely readers...
"Are they comfortable?"
By the way, this is another kitchen that goes into my all time favourites file!

Now these stools are definitely made form some sort of cane/wicker.
 I really like this look & it would be easy to tie into the rest of my decor with the use of a few wicker baskets here or there, lets face it, we all have a few baskets, they're fabulous for storage. Mine contain all of my house magazines.
The only down side I see is keeping them clean. The stools we currently have are timber & wrought iron & I am always wiping food from them, thanks to a messy 3 yr old.

Now I haven't made note of the source of the above 3 images as I collected them before I began blogging, These are the first style of stool I fell in love with. Easy clean, hard wearing & also budget friendly.
 I have seen them in many different timber stains but I really love the black. I have always been a "matchy matchy" girl & in my attempt to break free of my boringness, I think black would be a nice break away from my other timber furniture pieces .

Does anyone have stools like these at home, are they comfortable & do smaller children manage them safely?

So my trusty bloggers, any stylish suggestions are always appreciated, my kitchen will be white with shaker style doors of course. Unfortunately timber floors don't fit into my budget so I will be having a cream coloured porcelain tile thru out, very neutral, so timber black or silver would all look nice.
 Hopefully it will stand the test of time & not date before we move in!!

Trish xxx


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