Five Top Reasons to Buy a Loft Vs a Traditional Condominium

Many urban dwellers are turning to lofts instead of condos. There are some differences between the two, however. Urban living and loft purchasers are on the rise, if only for the exquisite opportunity a loft may have compared to a condo. Owners of either a loft or a condo hold the title to their unit or space and co-own along with the rest of the loft or condo community, the lobbies, garages, security system, swimming pools and other amenities. Here are the five top reasons to buy a loft:
1. Style - Lofts for sale tend to have soaring ceilings and wide open spaces. Lofts also have lots of style and more modern finishes than a condo. Floors are often hardwood and the sense of your own original space is achieved through the purchase of a loft. You will find more stainless steel and sharp modern designs in a loft.

 2. Location - Most lofts for sale are in urban areas where a developer may buy an old warehouse and turn it into loft units. These old warehouses are usually well within all the amenities any urban city or town would have to offer and are nearby or within walking distance. Many lofts for sale are also designed and built from the ground up through developers and large city and town's revitalization programs.
3. Live and Work - While condos may only offer a home unit for residential use, lofts may permit a live and work space and some lofts for sale can be found in areas zoned specifically for this purpose. Many professionals who work at home find the large loft space ideal for the separation between living areas and work areas.
4. Appreciation - In some markets, realtors have found that lofts are appreciating at twice the rate of a traditional single-family home. This alone can add value to your loft space when you sell it.
5. Loft Conversions - Many loft builders who convert buildings into loft spaces, also invite commercial businesses such as drycleaners and small grocers to abide in the buildings. These types of loft conversions make it easier to never leave your loft building area when you seek consumer items-especially since they are close at hand.
Loft living is different than condo living. While both are usually run by an association where you must pay a monthly fee and abide by the association rules, lofts tend to be quieter due to their size and do not have as many common walls as condos do. For example, a loft may be an entire floor where condos may have two to four on one floor sharing a lot of common wall space.
Major developers are being encouraged and supported by large city and town governments to covert old spaces for loft living. Not only are developers reaping the benefits of building these loft units, the owners of the lofts are happy with the security, parking, live and work opportunities, and the proximity of all the conveniences you can expect with a loft.
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