How to Get Plans For a New Gazebo

Building a new gazebo often involves designing the plans first. For most people without any experience, finding plans may be a bit difficult as they have no idea where to look for it or who to talk to in order to get original plans. So, if you are looking to get some plans and would like some help, this article will point you in the right direction.
Choosing your plans will largely depend on why you need it. This is because the sizes often vary. Those built for parties and recreation is typically larger because it requires more space to accommodate people. If what you want is just a place where you can sit calmly and be free from all troubles for just a few minutes, you might want to make it smaller.
After ascertaining what you need the gazebos for, it is time to get some plans. To get some plans, here are a few options to consider.
1. Consult an Expert
If you want a contractor, landscaping expert or handyman to build your gazebo, then you should ask them for prototypes that they might have. Most times, these people have really good plans that you could borrow and build your gazebo with. If on the other hand, you want something different and unique, they can come up with various designs that you would like.
2. Use the Internet
The next best place that you ought to look is the internet. The internet is so filled with loads of free plans that you will literally be at a loss for which to choose. From Asian themes to Mediterranean designs, you have a broad category to choose from. All you have to do is download the plans and designs, show them to your designer and see if it is something they can do. The downside of these plans however, is that they may not be very comprehensive and could be missing some critical components.
3. Paid Membership Websites
There are some membership websites that offer hundreds of plans that you can use. All you require is a small fee and then you'll have access to a wide range of plans, farm shed plans, and woodworking plans and so on. These plans are often unique and contain detailed step by step guides, dimensions, measurements, artwork, material lists and information on what you need if you decide to build it yourself.
4. Look in Architecture, Handyman and Interior Design Magazines
You may also want to check out architecture, interior design and handyman magazines. These magazines are often good sources for plans. These plans are often designed and drawn by expert handymen and designers who actually use it to advertise their services. The magazines are also a really good source for finding good gazebo plan designers too.
5. Ask friends and Colleagues
You might also want to ask friends, colleagues and neighbours. If you know anyone who owns a gazebo ask them. Usually, if a gazebo has fantastic designs and is well built, you can be sure that the builder must be pretty good.
6. Buy Plans Sold Online
You could also elect to buy plans sold by people online. There are a few websites that offer you a list of downloadable plans. Since these plans are often unique, you can buy them, add your own twist and angle and do whatever you want with it. If you would like this option, you can find lots of plans being sold on eBay at rock bottom prices.
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