The Latest Kitchen Designs - Weeding Through The Passing Fads

The very first thing you must do when it comes time to get the kitchen design you want to have is to unlearn a few things. When you're going through all the different designs, whether you're online, sorting through design studios with kitchen designers or flipping through catalogs and plans, keep in mind that many things you'll see are design elements, not functional elements. That means when you're looking at the latest kitchen designs, you'll see some things that are cool looking, but not very handy in the long run. They may look "current" and "hip", but these fads could actually end up impairing the overall kitchen design and could even hurt the value of your home.

 While a lot of fads in the kitchen are in the tools and appliances that you can buy, especially the Ronco "As Seen On TV" specials, there are design fads that come and go as well. One type of fads that should be avoided is the type where multiple appliances are built into a single unit. The microwave and conventional ovens in a single unit are perhaps one of the most overused and problematic of these fads. If there's a problem with the oven or the microwave then you have to examine whether it's less expensive to have it repaired or to have it replaced. Since both are in the same unit, replacing it is very expensive.
A center island is another fad you must take into consideration. Examine your motives for having something that eats up floor space and impedes motion in the room versus whatever benefits you may be expecting. Having a cook top in the island may seem like a good idea, but is that where you'll get the most benefit from it? And you would have problem with ventilation with an island cook top. Even though it may provide additional storage and counter space, would the benefit of having an island really outweigh the hassle?
While having a cool kitchen design is one thing, having one you can actually live with is another. Making sure that you will be happy with your plans 20 years from now, especially if you are designing your dream home, is the most important thing to do. Putting in design fads because they're current and cool may seem like a good idea at this particular moment, but if you're living with these design elements, will they be something you'll be getting benefit from later down the road?
Take the time to study what exactly you'll want to do in the kitchen and what makes sense to include. Don't be led astray because something is new and trendy, as it may not stand the test of time. While doing upgrades and replacing cabinets and equipment is a part of owning a home, having fads that just look cool and don't work can wind up costing you more in the long run.
When it comes time to build or remodel your kitchen, it can make all the difference in the world by getting the best kitchen designers for you. For help with designing and choosing the perfect cabinets available from a superb company, ProBuild has you covered for all your building supply needs.


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