Replacing Your Gazebo's Canopy

Over time, you may find that your gazebo's canopy is in need of replacement. This could be due to severe weather or wear and tear from animals or other creatures. You can certainly call someone to have it replaced for you, but you may save a bit of money replacing it yourself. Here are the steps to replacing your gazebo canopy.
1. Determine the type of fabric you want to use for the new canopy. You will need to keep in mind the width of the fabric on the roll before you purchase it.
2. Remove the old canopy from the gazebo and rip apart the pieces of fabric with a seam ripper or a good strong pair of scissors.
3. Lay the pieces flat and close together to measure the amount of fabric you will need. You can then purchase the fabric based on the material you already had in mind. Remember, it's not a bad thing to purchase a bit more than what the previous canopy called for, but it's a very bad thing to purchase too little. If the fabric will shrink, you definitely want to purchase more than what you need.
 4. Clean the new fabric to let it shrink before cutting it to fit the canopy. Iron the fabric to remove any wrinkles that may have occurred during washing and drying.
5. Lay old canopy pieces onto the newly cleaned, ironed fabric and pin them in place. Cut the fabric to match the previous pieces of the canopy.
6. Sew the pieces together using an overlock sewing machine.
7. Add fasteners to the canopy (metal grommets work great!)
8. Attach the canopy back to the gazebo by tying it back into place with bungee cords and metal grommets.
Now you have a nice clean and new canopy ready to make your time on your gazebo more enjoyable!
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