Unique House Architecture by Brian Messana : The Tank House Loft In New York

Tank House was designed by Brian Messana, renovation of the existing loft in New York. Here is a description of the architect: "The House of the tank was designed as the ultimate retreat, a place to read, relax and listen to the music project included the reconstruction of the loft apartments and the development of home deposit. Existing irrigation in urban retreat. Design of an apartment was simple, but is configured to perform single rooms with access to a shared bathroom in a location accessible from the living room (powder room at the front door means that guests will not need to enter the bathroom). sky-lit bathroom has doubled in size
and designed to have a relaxing spa like quality, with continuous stone floor, plaster walls polished water-resistant and clear glass shower. In the living room and bedrooms, storage has been introduced in all possible points hidden behind the panels of colored lacquer. The kitchen was resurfaced and the maple wood floors were lightened and refinished. A custom stainless steel spiral stair replaced an ugly painted steel stair with wood treads.A 12-ft window was cut into the east side of the space and the new window looked out onto the roof deck plantings. Circular skylight was introduced into center of the skylight casting an ethereal light into the space. The floor of maple matched the apartment and was segmented into removable panels providing access to storage space below.”


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