Aqua Tower - Amazing Art Work of Nature by Studio Gang Architects

Aqua tower of the new building has recently been highlighted at the horizon of Chicago.The project is surprisingly Studio Gang Architects, the firm is in the same city that has changed with this new design. The Chicago skyline can be taken as the timeline of the history of skyscrapers, which began in 1885 with the Home Insurance Building, with 10 stories high was the first "skyscraper" of history. And within this time line, the Studio Gang's Aqua tower marks a new point, not only for its height (250m) but also by their status within this sample sculpture. The design was inspired by the weathered stones of the Great Lakes AEA (see photo below). But this is not sinuous just a formal gesture, but a strategy to extend the view across the balconies, and control the sunlight. And inside, to see the plants, the project remains true to the legacy of Mies in this city.



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