Quadror-An Amazing System Architecture From South Africa by Dror Benshetrit

Dror Benshetrit is an architect and designer, has announced an incredible new system architecture or "farm geometry" called QuaDror space at the Indaba conference in South Africa. The system has enormous potential in the field of architecture, construction and even natural disasters According to the official website,
the unique geometry of the area of the farm -now called QuaDror - from a set of four identical parts L-shaped, or slim as a result of the structure of the viaduct, or as big as a result of solid panels. folding system makes assembly fast and the transition from closed, flat, open and independent. The main advantage of this system is that each group's ability and stability of a bucket load only 1 / 5 volume. impressive acoustic properties, less construction time and less severe mechanisms are needed only some of the characteristics QuaDror. Do not forget to watch the video at the end of a message for better understanding.



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