Rock around the clock

If you don't already know this about me, I have a confession to make.

I have a serious obsession with clocks!

Lola Bs traditional dining room
I love all of them, old new, vintage or modern

Showcase 2007 traditional staircase

floor or wall....

Dreamy Whites eclectic dining room

loving these swedish banjo clocks


MMID portfolio contemporary kids
I love these ones with the numbers & workings stuck on the wall

Dreamy whites eclectic living room

gap interiors

How sweet is this little guy...

Elements at Home

or how incredible is this gigantic window style clock

Gap interiors

Brabourne farm

I like them on the floor...

Kyandra Rose

or lots of them on the wall...

Decor Pad

Belle Inspirations

Room Remix

source unknown

This is my photo of the start of my clock collection

This is my latest purchase, I can't decide whether to use it on my sons bedside table
pop it under a cloche on a side table in my loungeroom

This is what I am saving for next so I can create a wall display like the one below.
This one is made by Howard Millar & here in Australia is available from Time Pieces Australia or Harvey Norman stores. It retails for $260. If anyone knows where I can purchase something similiar to this for a better price PLEEEEAAASE let me know, my budget would be forever grateful!

Sorry about the poor quality image, its a print out from Porter Davis Homes

Do you also share my clock obsession?

Trish xxx


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